Why expanding butt plugs are so versatile?

The butt plug industry is growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, the anal plug toy space is one of those grand industries that have readily embraced the modern technological advances. In its essence, the modern butt plug is still the same. But the coolest part is, the contemporary butt plug industry has treaded miles to enhance these toys with more exciting features for a more convenient and mindblowing experience. One of the latest developments offered by the butt plug industry is expandable or inflatable butt plugs.

Expandable butt plugs have been commanding huge attention worldwide and for all the great reasons. Apparently the plug comes in the size of a small or medium sized plug but it can be inflated easily with pump to achieve a larger size. The mechanism is very simple here. You would have to insert the toy inside your anus and then pump it up to blow the toy into a larger size as it gets inside. It’s one of the most popular adult toys of late and there are plenty of factors behind it.

The post below offers a sneak-peek into the major reasons behind the huge popularity of expandable butt plugs today.

Less pressure on sphincter muscles

Anal plugs work to stimulate the nerve endings inside the anus that reward users with that desired toe-curling orgasm. A bigger toy means bigger pleasure- provided your body is trained to take in larger plugs. But, the point is not everyone is flexible enough to take in larger plugs. In fact, if they force in a bigger size inside, it puts huge pressure on sphincter muscles which could eventually lead to muscle and nerve damage in her anus. An expandable butt plug is a godsend here.

As mentioned earlier, an inflatable plug comes in the size of a small or medium plug. Given its decent size, it doesn’t put much pressure on sphincter muscle when you insert it inside. And that assures a painless and convenient entry. But, then, it doesn’t make you compromise on the joy of having a large plug inside. Put simply, inflatable butt plugs are the blend of the best of both worlds- easy size of small/medium plugs and pleasure of grand plugs. The bonus is your anal remains safe and comfortable.

Better pleasure internally

According to users of expandable butt plugs, these pumped up plugs assure more pleasure inside compared to regular butt plugs. When you inflate the toy, the latex bulb expands and touches every crevasse inside, contouring itself perfectly to caress each internal detail. It leaves you with the optimum “full” feeling that sweeps you to an earth-shattering orgasm.

More comfort during sex

It has been well documented that you will attain better orgasm during vaginal sex if you have a butt plug inside you. And with an expandable butt plug, the pleasure and comfort quotient will shoot even higher when you will engage in vaginal sex. Larger the plug gets (through pumping), tighter gets your vaginal canal, creating more powerful sensation down under. This soft inflatable toy concaves inward beautifully with every advancing penile thrust thereby preventing risks of uncomfortable poke or stiff pinch during intercourse. For the same reason, it would be great to have an expandable butt plug inside when you are in the mood to stimulate yourself with a vaginal vibrator.

Quiet and sophisticated vibration

A butt plug is great and when it comes with an in-built vibrator, the pleasure factor is even higher. The good news is most of these expandable plug toys that you will find today carry in-built vibrators inside them. Now, the mention of “vibrator” might make many people apprehensive given the usual crazy loud buzz we are already familiar. But, you don’t have such worries with modern inflatable butt plugs with vibrators. It’s because these toys are generally whisper-quiet.

The vibrator motor inside an expandable butt plug is covered with a solid layer. As you inflate the plug, the noise gets absorbed by latex bubble which leads to a sophisticated and quiet buzz. If you are apprehensive of using a vibrator because of loud noises, you should definitely try an expandable butt plug with in-built vibrator.

Top expandable butt plugs for you

So, you have a bunch of amazing reasons to embrace expandable butt plugs. You must be eager by now to enrich your anal toy collection with an inflatable plug toy. Well, here is a brief on some of the best inflatable butt plugs you may try out today.

Frisky Inflatable Butt Plug

If you are looking for  a great expandable butt plug within budget, this Frisky toy will be an amazing option for you. Insertion is a breeze and the toy expands to 3x its size when pumped up. Made from rubber, the toy works best with water-based lubricant.

Top features of the toy:

  • Fast release valve that allows quick deflating
  • Convenient insertion and inflation
  • Very user-friendly
  • Assures a solid “full” feel in just 3-4 pumps
  • Very economical

Deluxe Wonder Inflatable Butt Plug Black

Boasting a cool 4” size, this toy is perfect who are okay with mid-sized butt plugs but aren’t ready enough to insert large sized toys. It inflates into a grand size so that you don’t have to miss out on the great  pleasure of a bigger toy even if you don’t want to insert a large size through your sphincter muscles. The hand-pump is a breeze to use. There is an in-built vibrator inside the toy that allows you to play with various settings.

Top features of the toy:

  • Vibrator comes with various settings and a breeze to use
  • Toy  features solid construction that allows easy insertion
  • Allows you to customize your sensation through different vibrator settings
  • Affordable and worth your money

Dark Inflator Anal Plug Silicone

Made of silicone, the plug assures a completely body-safe and extremely comfortable toy. While inflated, it can grow up till 2.5”. This is one of the reasons why it’s a top-seller on LP online store.

Top features of the toy:

  • Stretchy silicone make that assures no risk of infection
  • Tapered tip makes insertion a breeze
  • Quick release valve that ensures instant relief