How to elevate your experience with vibrators

Vibrators are a true delight. They can arouse you to the T and take you to faster and stronger orgasms. You can use them solo or also with your partner. There are various postures and games that you can try with your vibrator toy. However, most of these toys don’t come with instruction manual which makes things slightly confusing for a first time user. Are you too new to the buzz world? You must be craving for that awesome pleasure with the toy that you have always heard of. Much to your convenience, the post below offers a brief on how to explore and have fun with your vibrator toy.

Buy the right one

Your experience with your vibrator will depend a lot on the specific toy you buy. For example, if you are using the toy for the first time, a glass toy could feel hard on your skin. According to experts, newbies should always start with something soft, such as If your first experience with the toy becomes uncomfortable, you will be apprehensive of using the toy later. Once your body gets seasoned to the toy, you can slowly graduate to the tougher materials like glass or metal.

Then, again, you have to be careful of the size of the toy.  For example, if you are planning a vibrator with double penetration, don’t buy a toy too large. Bigger toys are for experienced users. When you are a beginner, start small. Besides, if you have fantasies to use a vibrator in shower, look for waterproof toy.

Prep up the toy

The first thing to do before using a vibrator is to prep it up. The primary task here is to clean and sanitize it. Invest in a good adult toy cleaner and wipe your toy with it. Do not ever use antibacterial soap or detergent here as traces of such soaps could be dangerous for your vagina. Don’t forget to take the batteries out of your vibrator while cleaning it. After you have wiped it, let it dry. Once it has completely dried up, you can put the batteries back in it. Now, you will have to charge the toy.

Prep yourself

Although a vibrator looks tempting yet you can’t just start off immediately. You need to set up an ambience and the right mood. Get a warm bath to relax yourself. Put on a sexy lingerie and turn on some light music. You may also watch porn or read an erotica to create the right mood. Once you are set, take the vibrator and get ready for action.

Fly solo

It’s better to explore the toy alone when you use it for the first time. Presence of your partner could make you self-conscious and you won’t be able to be free with the toy. Thus, your first session with the toy should always be solo. Make sure there is nobody in the room.

Keep lights on

It might not be a comfortable sight to see yourself massaging your vagina with a vibrator. But remember, you are using the toy for the first time. You are not that confident with it as you still don’t know how to use it properly. So, let the lights stay on so that you can see and study the entire scene. It will enable you to discover the exact places on body that are more receptive to the toy and stimulation. Put simply, you will get a clear picture of how your body feels in response to the toy. Once you get a vivid idea of the whole thing, you will definitely try the toy in the dark.

Start experimenting

First, you will turn off the toy. Touch your body with it and try to get the feel. Run it all across your body and take it down under. If you feel okay, you can turn the toy on. A vibrator toy generally comes with variety of speed levels and buzz patterns. Since it’s your first time, start from the lowest setting. Take the toy to hands and feet. See how it feels. If you feel nice, run it on navel, belly, thigh, neck, shoulders and even scalp. Once you start absorbing the vibe, you can slowly take it down to your vagina or clit.

Use lube for penetration

Are you planning to invest in a penetrating vibe? Well,  in that case, it’s indispensable to use a good lube. Lubrication would make the passage easy and allow a seamless entry inside you. You should put lube both on the toy and around the vaginal passage. After you lube up, insert the toy gently and begin to enjoy the buzz.

Experiment with speed and pressure

After you get set with the toy, you can slowly increase the speed level. Go up a step higher with speed. If you enjoy it, relax and enjoy the buzz. Don’t put too much pressure as it would only lower down the buzz. In case, the vibe seems to be too strong initially, place a towel in between the toy and you. The bottom-line is you have to keep on experimenting with a lot of things here till you get your ideal speed level and position.

Final words

As mentioned previously, your experience with a vibrator depends a lot on the product that you purchase. It’s better to buy a toy that can be returned if found to be ineffective. When you are buying online, you can’t always be sure of the actual product. So, look for a store and model that can be returned easily on client dissatisfaction. If you find your toy with sharp seams or edges, it won’t be comfortable. If you find the toy damaged, you won’t be able to use it. So, in all such unwanted instances, make sure not to use the toy and return. You should also make it a point to focus on a highly rated product and store to ensure no such mishaps.