5 real extra-marital affair confessions

Unfortunately, no matter how much couples brag about concepts like true love, soul mates and ideal marriage—infidelity exists and things do fall apart sometimes. What seemed like a perfect relationship in the beginning might end up going sour and partners turning disloyal. That’s the bitter truth. Period. Here are some real extra-marital confessions…


Confession #1

“My husband and I never had good compatibility. After a few months of our marriage, he got a job abroad and shifted there, leaving me alone. Soon, we grew further apart, both physically and emotionally. A year passed by, and he still had no intentions of calling me there or coming here to meet me. Frustrated, one day I installed a dating app and ended up meeting a divorced guy who was genuinely interested in me. We are in a relationship now, and I plan to disclose this to my husband once he comes to India.” Roshni Jha, 33


Confession #2

“I was forced to get married by my parents and even after putting sincere efforts, I could not strike a bond with my wife. We are simply two different people who have different views on everything. I hate to confess but I talk to other girls about my problems and future plans. I share with them what I should ideally be sharing with my wife.” Sahil Behl, 31


Confession #3

“I have no regrets for having an extra-marital affair, and in fact, I am about to file for a divorce. My husband is an alcoholic and used to abuse me physically and mentally. After being harassed for years, I fell in love with my colleague. After a few months of dating, I told my husband about this affair and left him.” Garima Tyagi, 27


Confession #4

“I kind of had this nature since my teens—I could not stick to one person for a long time. After two years of being married, I cheated my wife and had an affair with one of my ex-girlfriends. She still does not know about it.” Shashank Lohia, 34


Confession #5

“I had a healthy relationship with my husband for about 10 years of our marriage.We had a beautiful life together but I soon started losing my emotional connection with him. His daily routine was all about going to office, and coming back home for dinner and retire to his bedroom. This boredom led me to wander off for some time. But I soon realised my mistake and started making efforts to make our relationship work.” Nitya Choudhary, 36